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Superhero of the Week: Tyler Bender

Superhero of the Week: Tyler Bender

This week we are pleased to announce Tyler Bender, a senior at Nicolet High School, as our Superhero of the Week!

Since the beginning of his high school journey, Tyler has been committed to elevating himself and those around him. His passion to make other people feel seen is only part of what this high school senior stand out.

Tyler is a proud member of a Peer/Leader Mentoring group that focuses on making freshmen feel welcome at school. “We play games with them, show them around, and let them know that we’re a friend to them,” Tyler said about the program. Additionally, Tyler is a Peer Leader in Nicolet High’s Sources of Strength program, whose members aim to be there for one another when they go through trials and tribulations. Support, Tyler realizes, is what holds us all together.

Leader and athlete, Tyler has also played basketball all four years at Nicolet High. In fact, he has been involved with the sport since the 5th grade, while admittedly he didn’t take basketball seriously at first.

“I played basketball for the fun of it and how it makes me calm,’ he explained. “It’s the only thing I can rely on when I’m down or upset just listening to music and shooting a ball.”

Tyler understands the value of helping others because you never know how you may impact someone else. His selfless approach to community and leadership is evident as he talks about the importance of doing what’s right “just because you never know who might see what you’re doing and how beneficial you might be. Life is all about making the small things count.”

Looking ahead, Tyler’s goal is to learn a trade, specifically in construction management, before entering the real estate field.

Join us in recognizing Tyler as our Superhero of the week.

You can hear Tyler's story on The Varsity Blitz show this Saturday at 10am on The Big 920 and your Iheart radio app.