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Superhero of the Week: Kennedi Seel

Superhero of the Week: Kennedi Seel

This week we are pleased to announce Kennedi Seel, Oak Creek High School senior, as our Superhero of the Week!

Throughout all four years of high school, Kennedi has actively immersed herself in various leadership, extracurricular and athletic activities. Since her freshman year, Kennedi has participated in her school’s track and cross-country teams, serving as president of the latter during her senior year. Kennedi’s involvement with her local FBLA | DECA Chapter also began in her freshman year. She has gone on to serve on the officer team for the past three and a half years, sitting as President for the last two.

Kennedi’s leadership involvement doesn’t end there. During her sophomore year, she was selected to serve as the Director of Human Resources for Oak Creek High’s school-based enterprise. With gratitude, Kennedi reflects on the value of serving others. “This opportunity has allowed me to gain essential insight into the operations of a business, working with and managing people to enhance my leadership skills.”

While managing her extracurricular activities, Kennedi has also excelled academically, taking AP classes and various college courses offered at her high school. Notably, she was inducted into the National Honors Society during her junior year. As a member, Kennedi has several responsibilities including attending meetings and volunteering. “I enjoy serving my community and often spend hours volunteering throughout the year, outside of the NHS requirements,” Kennedi said of her community involvement.

Goal-driven, Kennedi already has a clear vision for her career journey. “Next year, I plan to major in Accounting, along with receiving my Masters in Business Administration,” she explained. “While in college, I plan to learn to serve a new community and become connected through volunteerism.”

Join us in celebrating Kennedi as our Superhero of the Week! You can hear her story on The Varsity Blitz show this Saturday, January 6 at 10:00 am on The Big 920 and your iHeart radio app.