Whole Home Rewiring

Whole Home Rewiring in Milwaukee

Outdated wiring is not only inconvenient, leading to shortages, but also dangerous, with electrical malfunctions being listed as one of the leading causes of house fires according to the U.S. Fire Administration. With homes needing to support more and more technology, you need a durable and up-to-date electrical system that can keep up.

At Current Electric, our experienced electricians in Milwaukee specialize in custom home rewiring solutions for a wide range of local residential properties. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to complete every rewiring job quickly, safely, and effectively—with no job being too big or small.

To learn more about our whole home rewiring solutions, call Current Electric today at (262) 214-5598.

When Should You Replace Your Electrical Wiring?

Older homes will not have the electrical infrastructure in place to meet modern technology, so if your home has been built before 1970, it might not have the wiring needed to keep up—and many homes built before 1950 won’t meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code Standards.

Luckily, our team will perform a detailed evaluation of your electrical system, checking for any uninsulated or fabric-insulated wires. Then, if needed, we will completely replace the old, outdated electrical wiring in your home with safer wiring and up to code.

Signs your home needs to be rewired:

  • Flickering lights: Frequent flickering is a sign of loose wiring connections, which will only worsen if left unchecked.
  • Overheating outlets: If your wiring is too short, it can cause hot spots or black marks around your outlets.
  • Blown-out fuses: Outdated power boxes that aren’t properly maintained will lead to more and more blown-out fuses, potentially causing major property damage.
  • Foul smells: A burning smell near your appliances or outlets is another sign of short wiring.
  • Excessive extension cords: The more extension cords you have, the more opportunity there is to create pinched wires, tripped breakers, or damaged outlets.

Residential Electricians with 35+ Years of Experience

Installing new wires and decommissioning old ones is a complex project best handled by experienced and highly trained professionals. At Current Electric, we have over 35 years of industry experience and have helped countless homes throughout Milwaukee gain the power they need to run the most advanced technology available. You can rely on our team to provide you with dependable and affordable wiring solutions. We get the job done right the first time, performing every service to meet the latest standard codes while ensuring your complete safety and comfort.

Contact our team by calling (262) 214-5598 to schedule your home rewiring service today!

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  • Professional, friendly, kind, honest, and trustworthy

    I was so pleased, grateful, and blessed by the service I received today by Jim again.

    - Kathy W.
  • Current Electric are definitely at the top of our list!

    We contacted Current Electric as we were looking to get some light fixtures and bathroom fans installed in spring, but when our breaker kept tripping after we DIY-ed the replacement of outlets this winter, we had to call for professional help!

    - dB P.
  • Have used it twice and the service is impeccable!

    The team is there to answer safety questions to help leading up to the electrician's visit and helpful providing options, impact, and result so I can make the decision that is best.

    - Kaitlin T.