Meet Our Superheroes

  • Chuck   Photo
    Chuck Founder, President
  • Joe   Photo
    Joe General Manager
  • Brandon   Photo
    Brandon Partner, Senior Estimator
  • Chris   Photo
    Chris Service Manager
  • Hunter   Photo
    Hunter Service Technician
  • Mitch   Photo
    Mitch Construction Technician
  • Mike   Photo
    Mike Construction Project Estimator
  • Jordan   Photo
    Jordan IR Service Technician
  • Ron   Photo
    Ron CFO
  • Mark   Photo
    Mark Facilities Manager
  • Matt   Photo
    Matt Low Voltage Manager
  • Brian   Photo
    Brian Service Electrician
  • Kayla   Photo
    Kayla Solar Sales Manager
  • Shawn   Photo
    Shawn Construction Foreman
  • James   Photo
    James Solar Operations Manager
  • Brody   Photo
    Brody Service Electrician
  • Eric   Photo
    Eric Construction Foreman
  • Dan  M. Photo
    Dan M. Service Electrician, Trainer
  • Casey   Photo
    Casey Generator Technician
  • Aaron   Photo
    Aaron Service Technician
  • Jake   Photo
    Jake Service Electrician
  • Dan  R. Photo
    Dan R. IR Service Technician
  • Ryan   Photo
    Ryan Service Apprentice
  • Zach   Photo
    Zach Construction Technician
  • Nick   Photo
    Nick Construction Foreman
  • Tyler   Photo
    Tyler Service Technician
  • Dan   Photo
    Dan Construction Foreman
  • Johnny   Photo
    Johnny Construction Foreman
  • Jon   Photo
    Jon IR Service Electrician
  • Bob   Photo
    Bob Construction Foreman
  • Emmy   Photo
    Emmy Assistant Service Manager
  • Frank   Photo
    Frank New Home/Remodeling Project Manager
  • Nick   Photo
    Nick Construction Project Manager
  • Pam   Photo
    Pam Accounts Payable
  • Trisha   Photo
    Trisha Accounting Manager
  • Rhyse   Photo
    Rhyse Warehouse Associate
  • Craig   Photo
    Craig VP of Construction/Partner
  • Kevin   Photo
    Kevin Generator Manager
  • Jennie   Photo
    Jennie Residential Solar Project Coordinator
  • Ryan   Photo
    Ryan Residential Solar Designer
  • April   Photo
    April Commercial Lighting Designer
  • Cathy   Photo
    Cathy Construction Administrator
  • Patrick   Photo
    Patrick Residential Solar Technician
  • Danny   Photo
    Danny Energy Consultant
  • Eric   Photo
    Eric Service Technician
  • Greg   Photo
    Greg Service Apprentice
  • Kayla   Photo
    Kayla Service Apprentice
  • Erika   Photo
    Erika IR Service Apprentice
  • Joe   Photo
    Joe Service Apprentice
  • Nick   Photo
    Nick Service Apprentice
  • Patrick   Photo
    Patrick IR Technician
  • Taylor   Photo
    Taylor Service Technician
  • Wade   Photo
    Wade Service Electrician
  • Chris   Photo
    Chris Generator Technician
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