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Milwaukee Commercial Construction Electricians

Current Electric is the premier electrical team in the state. Our team brings unparalleled quality to every project. We work hard to ensure your commercial construction needs meet the highest standards of quality and safety. 

Our team provides efficient, reliable electrical solutions that power businesses forward. Whether you’re constructing a new office building, renovating a retail space, or upgrading an industrial facility, our electricians have the skills and experience to help your project succeed.

To schedule time with our commercial construction electricians in Milwaukee, call our office (262) 214-5598.

Panel Installation

Proper panel installation is crucial for the overall functionality and safety of your electrical system. Our technicians, equipped with the latest tools and technology, can ensure accurate, effective setup. We follow strict guidelines and codes to guarantee safety and reliability. 

During the installation process, our team assesses your building’s specific needs. We consider power requirements and future growth to select the appropriate panels. Then, we position, secure, and connect the panel with precision, ensuring every component functions correctly.

Our professionals also thoroughly test the panels we install. This step confirms the system’s integrity and performance. We don’t consider the job complete until we’ve fully diagnosed the system. 

Our team prioritizes your timely completion and works diligently to avoid delays. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your electrical systems will support your business operations effectively. With us, you receive top-notch panel installation services that stand the test of time, allowing your facility to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Electrical Designs

Electrical design forms the backbone of any commercial construction project. Our team approaches these designs with precision and innovation. We consider every aspect of your commercial construction project, and we plan accordingly. Our designs can ensure efficient power distribution across your facility. 

We focus on creating systems that support current operations and allow for expansion. Our team uses the latest software to model electrical systems accurately. This approach minimizes errors and streamlines the construction process.

During the design process, we prioritize safety, functionality, and efficiency. Our designs comply with all regulations, keeping your commercial space safe for employees and customers. We can also integrate sustainable practices, aiming for energy efficiency and reduced operational costs. 

Our team collaborates closely with architects and engineers. This collaboration ensures that our electrical designs align with the overall vision of your project. We tailor every design to meet your specific needs, helping create a system that performs reliably under all conditions. With our electrical designs, your commercial construction project gains a foundation that supports success and growth.

Security Systems

Our team can install your security system with diligence and skill. We assess each facility’s unique security demands, tailoring solutions that align with specific needs. Through cutting-edge technology and strategic sensor placement, our installations cover all critical areas effectively.

We can integrate components seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Our team programs systems for instant alerts upon unauthorized access, providing around-the-clock protection. Following installation, we conduct thorough testing. This step verifies system integrity and operational readiness, confirming its capability to guard your premises reliably.

Choosing our service can bring you peace of mind, providing you with top-tier security measures. With our approach, you can have a robust system that deters threats and maintains safety.

Alarm Systems

Our team can also install alarm systems, further enhancing your commercial property’s security. We begin by evaluating your facility’s security requirements. This assessment helps us recommend the most effective alarm solutions tailored to your needs. Our professionals then install cutting-edge alarm systems with precision and care. We make sure each component integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Our approach focuses on strategically placing sensors and alarms to cover all potential entry points and sensitive areas. We program the system for immediate alerts of unauthorized access or unusual activity. 

Our team remains available for ongoing support, ensuring your alarm system continues to function optimally. You can also schedule regular alarm testing with us to confirm the system’s reliability.

Fire Alarms

We can also assist with fire alarm installation, further enhancing the security and safety of your commercial space. Our team can meticulously install state-of-the-art fire alarm systems. These systems are designed to promptly detect and alert occupants of fire hazards. We prioritize comprehensive coverage of your premises, ensuring rapid detection and notification to prevent property damage and protect lives. 

We are trained in the latest fire safety regulations and work diligently to integrate these systems seamlessly with your current security measures. This service keeps your business compliant with safety codes, and it provides invaluable peace of mind to business owners, employees, and customers.

Our team is ready to help with any electrical installation, design, and repair on your commercial construction project. You can contact us online to discuss our services further.

5-Star Reviews

    “Always professional and customer-focused!”
    Current Electric maintains our home generator. Qualified staff with technical knowledge/experience. Thorough explanations of the situation and options for resolution. Always professional and customer-focused!
    - Nancy C.
    “Highly recommended, Hans talked about him all night, and couldn’t say enough about him!”
    My husband, Hans, met with Don. He loved his professionalism, stayed for about an hour, and explained everything in detail. He gave us 3 quotes on different size generators. Highly recommended, Hans talked about him all night, and couldn’t say enough about him!
    - Linda L.
    “Current Electric has highly skilled technicians!”
    Current Electric has highly skilled technicians! We had complicated electrical issues in our home. Well, they were not complicated to them. They understood the problems and had the appropriate tools and supplies with them. Fixed it all at a reasonable price. Thank you.
    - Nancy F.
    “Services were completed in a timely fashion and care for our Home was demonstrated”

    They offered understandable yet detailed explanations for all services provided. Services were completed in a timely fashion and care for our Home was demonstrated.

    - Dennis S.
    “Every single person they've sent has been perfect”
    We have used Current for years now, and every single person they've sent has been perfect. Not only do they do quality work, I walk away from the interaction very informed about what's going on. Love it!
    - John O.
    “First-rate, on-time, and polite”
    All you hear today is how hard it is to get trades to answer or return a phone call. This was not the case with their online appointment; it was a breeze. As for the workmanship, it was first-rate, on-time, and polite
    - David L.
    “We will now save loads on our electric bill!”
    Josh and Eric upgraded our lights at the post office today. We will now save loads on our electric bill! Friendly and professional service!! Highly recommend!
    - Jon K.
    “Professional, Incredibly Responsive, and in Tune with Each Other”
    I contacted Current Electric to design and install a residential solar system for my house, after having had a bad experience with a different provider. The several staff I worked with were all very professional, incredibly responsive, and best of all - they were all in tune with each other, so that the service was always seamless, regardless of whom I was speaking to in the moment. I contacted them in April and my system has been up and running for several weeks now.
    - Roger K

A Commitment to Excellence in Everything We Do

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    We are committed to providing honest, transparent service every time.
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    We will work with you to find the best solution for your home or business.
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    We strive for excellence in everything we do so you receive the best work every time.
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