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Superhero of the Week: Ayanna LaPointe

Superhero of the Week: Ayanna LaPointe

This week we are pleased to announce Ayanna LaPointe, senior at Greendale High School, as our Superhero of the Week!

Well-known for her passion and dedication to her community, Ayanna has excelled in her academics and extracurricular activities since she began high school. She has served as a class officer for all four years and held the title of Secretary and Treasurer for the past three. One of the highlights of Ayanna’s experience in this role was the planning of a community-wide Make-A-Wish event designed to make the wish of a local 10-year-old boy come true.

“We were able to fundraise $9,266 for Miles, who had been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma,” Ayanna recounted. She goes on to acknowledge that the success of the event comes as a result of group effort. “Working alongside my peers and staff to plan this, as well as countless school dances, food drives and other community events, has truly elevated my high school experience."

Ayanna’s impressive list of community involvement and accomplishments doesn’t end there. In addition to Student Council, Ayanna is a member of the National Honor Society. She’s also a peer leader in Greendale High’s Sources of Strength team, a group that focuses on spreading awareness and sharing resources about the importance of mental health.

An athlete as well, Ayanna has loved cheerleading since she started the sport in the 7th grade. She has been on the team all four years of high school and during her fourth season, Ayanna earned the title of Team Captain. She has traveled to the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, FL with the team twice, and will again in February 2024. Alongside cheerleading, Ayanna has been on the Track and Field team for three of her four years at Greendale High, running the 400m and 1600m relay races.

The teen and scholar has a bright future ahead of her. “My goal is to attend a four-year college and then pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, with a minor in Psychology,” Ayanna said. “My eventual goal is to go into real estate!”

You can hear Ayanna's story on The Varsity Blitz show this Saturday at 10am on The Big 920 and your Iheart radio app.