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Superhero of the Week: Caiya Fuentes

Superhero of the Week: Caiya Fuentes

This week we congratulate Caiya Fuentes, a senior at Greendale High School, as our Superhero of the Week!

School is more than just a place of learning for Caiya. In fact, most of her time is spent on campus, both inside and outside of the classroom. She strives to make a lasting impact on her community through various hands-on activities and organizations.

Caiya is a proud member of the Student Equity Team, she is President of her school's Student Council, as well as serving as the Class Representative and Senior Representative on Greendale's School Board. For Caiya, in order to make the change she wants to see in her community, it takes even greater participation.

She also became a Youth Lead in the Youth Power Council of Wisconsin as well as the Youth Sector Representative for her community's health center. All this marks the beginning of a long road of positive change that Caiya intends to bring about, even hinting at her future plans of military service.

"I'm excited to see what difference I'll be able to make in my future as a Marine."

-Caiya Fuentes

You can hear Caiya's story on The Varsity Blitz show this Saturday at 10am on The Big 920 and your Iheart radio app.