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Advantages Of Solar Panel Installation For First-Time Home Buyers


As a first-time homebuyer, you have a lot of decisions to make. You may consider upgrades as you move into your new place, including solar panel installation. Solar panels provide several advantages, many of which cater directly to first-time home buyers.

Learn about the advantages of a solar panel installation and how to reap some of those benefits for years into the future.

Installation Ease

Once you purchase a home, you may make changes to the interior and exterior before you actually move in. While installing solar panels is a minimally invasive project to the interior of the house, the whole process is a lot easier if you have not moved any items in yet.

Electricians will have easy access to all of the power connections in the home and will install the panel power boxes in ideal locations.

In some cases, you may have extra power back-up and storage in the home. Before you paint walls or update rooms, the electricians will install wires and power cords as needed. Once complete, you have the freedom to make changes and remodel without the worry of wall access or major electrical changes to the home.

Money Savings

Solar panels come with savings for years into the future, but you should know about the immediate savings to take advantage of too. For example, rebates and tax credits will help you save on the initial installation of the solar panels. Both state and federal programs offer discounts and will help reduce the costs, so research which benefits you qualify for.

Also, if you start off your life in your new home with solar panels, you will cut costs in the form of a traditional electric bill. As a first-time homebuyer, you will have a lot of bills to start paying, so getting rid of one of these bills will save you a lot in the long run.

Some electric companies also have a program to pay back homes that supply excess energy back to the grid. For example, your new solar panels may collect more power than your home needs. You can actually sell this extra power back to an electric company, which would reimburse you for the power.

Programs vary by company and state, so you should look into the various options available for your new neighborhood.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Besides money, many new home buyers look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The use of solar energy reduces the impact a home has on various forms of power, including coal-burning power plants.

Solar panels can also help extend the life of the roof because the panels protect the roof underneath them. Replacing a roof creates a lot of waste, but solar panels will allow the roof life to last longer.

You may even consider pairing the solar power from your panels with environmentally friendly products. For example, if you own an electric car, you could charge the car with solar power, relying completely on renewable resources and dramatically reducing your carbon footprint.

Smaller changes could include light bulb upgrades and energy-efficient smart home products. When the solar panel installer comes to your home, take advantage of their skills to install newer outlets, light sockets, and outlets catered to an electric car. From the first day you move into your home, you will reduce your carbon footprint and set the standard for how you use electricity in the house.

For more information on solar panel installations, contact us at Current Electric. We have been installing solar panels for multiple decades and will use our expertise to help change the way your home is powered for the long run.