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4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For In-Home Yoga Studios

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Doing yoga exercises in your own home allows you to relax and enjoy the exercise on your own schedule. The space and features in a yoga room provide the key to successful sessions.

Electrical upgrades help ensure peace and relaxation for yoga studios and the daily sessions you go through. Learn about a variety of upgrades and how each one helps provide a lot of conveniences, specifically for yoga and light exercises.

1. Automated Blinds And Light Dimmers

In your yoga studio, you may seek relaxation through dark or dim-lighted areas. Both ceiling lights and natural lights may create too much brightness to fully meditate or relax through yoga exercises. A few electrical upgrades will help reduce the amount of light in the room.

Hire an electrician to install a light dimmer switch. With the light dimmer, you may adjust the lights to exactly the level you seek. Along with a wall switch, a smart app connection or remote control allows you to adjust the lights from the comfort of a yoga mat instead of getting out of position to cross the room.

To help block out natural light, hire an electrician to install automated blinds. Wired directly to a home’s electrical system, the powered blinds will block out the sun and provide a darker atmosphere to the room.

Like the light dimmer switch, automated blinds may have app connections or a remote to control the blinds without the need to get up. For example, if the sun moves position and creates harsh light, you would adjust the blinds with the remote and do not need to get up.

2. In-Wall Speakers

Implement audio to your yoga routine through music, instructional tracks, or sound effects like nature or waterfalls. To create an even flow of sound through your in-home yoga space, consider in-wall speakers.

In-wall speakers may connect to stereo systems or Bluetooth devices like a tablet and phone. With the speakers, you will immerse yourself in the sound of the room and do not need to rely on portable speakers or headphones.

Select speakers that blend into the wall and provide a permanent installation for the room. If multiple people in your family do yoga together, then the speakers allow everyone to hear the sound at the same time.

3. Heated Floors

Comfort is an essential part of yoga, and one way to add comfort while you stretch and exercise is with some heat. Heated floors will help you relax as you stretch, get low, and place both your hands and feet on the floor.

One of the more common heated floor options is radiant floor heat. Electric radiant floors disperse the heat evenly throughout the floor. Once installed, adjust settings and comfort levels. For example, in the morning, you may want the floor warmer. As you warm-up and workout, you could reduce the temperature to fit your needs.

4. USB Outlets

You can use various accessories when you perform yoga. For example, you may have an essential oil diffuser, a tablet to watch tutorial videos, or a small USB-powered fan to cool you off.

Hire an electrician to install USB outlet upgrades for your yoga area. The USB ports will provide easy access so you do not need plug adapters. The extra USB outlets allow you to plug everything in without switching and alternating plugs.

Along with the existing outlets, an electrician may install new outlets in specific areas of the room. The new outlets may offer convenient areas to use USB-powered devices.

For information on electrical upgrades, contact us at Current Electric. We have years of professional experience and a variety of electricians to help upgrade your personal yoga space.