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4 Ways To Use Whole-Home Audio Systems With Smart Speakers

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A whole-home audio system wires speakers throughout multiple rooms in the home and connects to the main hub. Even with easy access to wireless speakers and headphones, you will find multiple advantages to whole-home audio systems with your favorite smart speaker.

Learn to make the most out of the systems and how to get more out of your smart speaker with a whole-home audio system. Here are a few ways you can use one.

1. Morning Routines

Start off each day with your whole-home audio system. Utilize the alarm function in smart speakers to play comforting music to wake up everyone in the home at a set time. Set specific volumes and even have the volume increase to ensure you wake up on time.

When you go to shower or dress for the day, a bathroom speaker provides additional music to put you in a good mood. Music can impact your mood and help set the stage for the day. As you make music part of your morning routine, you will start off each day in a better mood, no matter what room you are in.

The music set from a smart speaker will go through every room of the house. Continue to hear music as you go to your closet or make breakfast in the kitchen. Along with music, use the whole-house speaker system to stay up to date with the latest news and weather.

A smart speaker system can connect to your television audio. So as you get ready in the morning, you can hear the news and weather without the need to stay glued to the television.

2. Sports Content

Along with morning news and weather, sports fans can take advantage of whole-home audio options. Smart speakers not only offer audio from the television, but you can stream live game audio broadcasts from satellite radio stations and sports apps.

Whether you’re cooking a meal for the game or completing other household tasks, you can still follow your favorite team. The whole-home speakers offer clear audio so you do not miss plays and can understand player names and details without playing the broadcast from a speaker in another room.

3. Home Updates

Smart speakers provide a lot of modern conveniences for the home. You may have reminders, alerts, and other updates throughout the day. When you connect a smart speaker to the whole house, you will not miss alerts or updates.

For example, if you set up a doorbell alert system on a smart speaker, you will receive an alert through every speaker in the house. The more you set up smart automation for your home, the more you have to customize and connect through the smart speakers. You also have the chance to customize alerts and settings through specific speakers.

For example, if you have speakers in the bedroom, you may choose to turn the alerts off during the late hours of the night.

4. Entertaining

If you have friends and family come visit your home, then you can combine the whole-home speaker system with a smart speaker for multiple ways to entertain. The smart speaker may have party game settings. The spread-out speakers allow everyone at the party to hear.

You could also utilize the smart speaker to make announcements throughout the whole house. For example, you may announce to everyone that dinner is ready. The speaker options allow you to set room by room music options as well.

If younger guests play and hang out in a basement, you could have a different playlist for those attendees. Easily switch the speaker controls and adjust separate volume levels with whole-home audio options.

For more information on the installation of whole-home audio, contact us at Current Electric. Our trained professionals will help set up and cater speakers to your needs.