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3 Warning Signs You Need Home Rewiring In Racine, WI


Okay, so maybe you’re not some licensed electrician who knows the ins and outs of your home’s electrical wiring. That’s fine, but that doesn’t mean you should just put off home rewiring in Racine, WI until the last possible minute. You may not necessarily know, say, how wiring exactly provides power to your lights and appliances, but you don’t need to be a know-it-all on electricity to identify when the time is right for a change. Seeking home rewiring can mean all the difference in how safely you operate in your home as a responsible homeowner, you need to make sure your family’s well-being isn’t put at risk.

At Current Electric, we value the safety of all our customers, which is why we’re always available to provide you with home rewiring in Racine, WI that will keep your home secure. We’ll replace your old, frayed wiring with something more durable and longer-lasting designed to handle any of your home’s electrical demands. Our services cover outlets, switches, surge protection, and maybe other areas of your electrical system you may not have even considered before!

Home Rewiring In Racine, WI: When Should You Call?

The next time you begin to suspect it’s time for rewiring in your home, keep an eye open for any of the following:

  1. Frequent Power Surges: Even just one power surge can throw off the level of convenience in your home, so it’s needless to say how difficult life in your home will be if they are occurring on a more frequent basis. As part of our rewiring services, we’ll provide you with whole-home surge protection that will keep the risk of a surge to a low and allow you greater access to your most essential appliances.
  2. Older Outlets and Switches: Outlets and switches can last you for years but there will come a point where replacing them will be the better option. If your home is still equipped with two-prong outlets, they’re outdated and need to be upgraded to three-prong outlets instead. Older outlets may be sporting some extensive physical damage as well, which may result in them not working as well as they once did.
  3. Flickering Lights: You may not initially think flickering lights are that much of an inconvenience, but it can grow into a serious problem, especially when you consider it can prevent you from reading, studying, cooking, or even just trying to walk down the hall. It’s a sign there’s a problem with your wiring somewhere.

Contact Current Electric today for home rewiring in Racine, WI if you want to improve your home’s electrical performance and overall level of safety!