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3 Questions To Ask A Licensed Electrician In Milwaukee, WI Before Generator Installation


So you recently hired a licensed electrician in Milwaukee, WI for generator installation—awesome! It’s now just a matter of installing the generator right away, and you’ll have power for anything you could ever want, right?

Well, not quite. Before you allow the electrician to go right ahead and install, you need to make sure you’re installing a generator that will provide a high level of performance worth every dollar. After all, when you need your electrical needs met, you absolutely have the right to know what you’re installing to the fullest extent.

At Current Electric, we have a licensed electrician in Milwaukee, WI who is ready to answer your most pressing questions. We don’t provide you with a generator and move on. Our electricians provide amazing customer service that will listen to your every word and ensures you’re getting a reliable generator for your home. And given our collective years of experience, there’s really no question our electricians can’t answer.

What Should You Ask A Licensed Electrician In Milwaukee, WI?

The next time you have an electrician install a generator for your home, you may want to ask:

  1. “How Much Maintenance is Required?” All generators should be maintained on a regular basis. While it’s recommended that you seek maintenance from a professional annually, also make a point to ask the electrician for any maintenance tips that you can apply to your generator on your own time. Usually, regular maintenance on your end will require you to check the oil, visually inspect the unit for any damage, and conduct troubleshooting for any minor issue. A little maintenance can go a long way in expanding your generator’s lifespan and guaranteeing the best performance possible.
  2. “What About The Warranty?” It’s highly important to discuss warranties with your electrician before installation. Generator warranties vary depending on the manufacturer. Ask your electrician about the amount of coverage you’ll receive and if there are any additional deals that will extend it. Knowing the full details of a warranty beforehand will allow you to assess if the generator you’ve chosen to install is the right one.
  3. “Where Should the Generator be Installed?” Any licensed electrician will know to survey your landscape to determine the right location for installation. The location will need to be close to your home’s gas and electrical hookups, and at least 25 feet away to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide from entering your home. Depending on your electrical needs, you also need to consider the size of your generator and how that will correspond with its location.

Contact Current Electric today if you want a licensed electrician in Milwaukee, WI to provide you with a high-quality generator designed to provide you long-lasting power.