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Superhero of the Week: Derrick Martin

Superhero of the Week: Derrick Martin

This week we recognize Derrick Martin, a senior at Milwaukee Lutheran High School, as our Superhero of the Week.

"I first want to thank my mom and dad for having me 18 years ago. I love you so much; they are so dear to my heart. They helped me get to where I am now today.

"At Milwaukee Lutheran, I’m the president of the choir department alongside Ny’emia Rodgers-Evans. I participate in the top 3 choirs in my school. Music is my passion, so I love to surround myself with it. I want to especially thank my choir teacher, Harold Simelton, for strengthening my musical ability. He’s helped me get closer to God and to connect with music in ways he probably can’t understand. He’s always been a role model I look up to and shows me every day how to be a better young man in Christ.

"I’m also a member of a non-profit organization called ATK Ministry. I am part of the after-school program and participate in their music writing class.

"I have spent the last two years writing original music and gaining experience recording my music in the ATK Ministry studio. Our Christmas album is already out but we have a new album coming soon too! You can hear my music on Apple Music and/or other streaming platforms. I also want to say thank you to Mr. Atkinson for helping me develop as an artist and teaching me the ins and outs of becoming a better music writer, performer, and a better person.

"This year I also became a member of the National Honors Society where I do volunteer hours and help in the community! I have a strong faith in God and what He can do for the world.

"Also, this year my friends and I started a podcast called Spirit Led where we talk about ongoing world topics that my generation especially can relate to, and we share our viewpoints on how God has worked and can work in everyone’s day-to-day life. Check it out on YouTube and Instagram @spiritledpod. I love talking about how God saved me from a lot of temptations and habits that bring me down in the past. Now that I’ve surrendered everything to him and allowed him to use me as his vessel; I don’t worry as much because I know God always has a plan. I just hope everybody someday can just live Spirit-led!!

"Finally, I want to thank Mike McGivern and Current Electric for this opportunity and recognition. I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this without my relationship with God, my family, and my teachers, and I thank you for the chance to share who I am with your audience and thank those who have shaped me into who I am today."

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