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Current Electric helps local gym, yoga studio offset energy costs by 88% with solar

Current Electric helps local gym, yoga studio offset energy costs by 88% with solar

WAUWATOSA, Wisc. – Rising energy costs have businesses nationwide looking for ways to save money. Ripple Effect Fitness and Firefly Yoga Loft in Wauwatosa are no different. Luckily they reached out to Current Electric to find a solution.

“Energy prices are a major cost of doing business,” Ripple Effect Manager Jeremy Gunderson, said. “Controlling these costs will affect our bottom line. Rising energy prices will increase business costs and narrow profit margins of our company.”

“It’s costly to produce enough energy for a hot yoga studio,” Michelle Schultz, owner of the attached Firefly Yoga Loft, added.

As a pioneer in the solar industry, Current Electric knows solar electric is a great option for businesses wanting to become more energy efficient as well as more socially responsible. Those who go solar find themselves more in control of their energy costs and energy independence.

Gunderson and Schultz agreed it was time to look at alternative ways to produce energy.

“Solar panels are a good investment for our business because they can help us produce the energy we need,” Gunderson said. “Solar panels can also help us save money on our monthly energy bills. By producing our own solar energy, we can reduce our reliance on the grid, which can lead to significant savings.”

According to Current Electric solar success engineer Randy Handeland, Ripple Effect and Firefly Yoga’s solar system will be enough to offset energy costs by as much as 88%.

To get the most out of solar energy production, Current Electric installed a 33.6 kW 3-phase system for the building. The system is also optimized for rapid shutdown in case of an emergency.

The panels come with a 25 year production warranty, much longer than the anticipated ROI for this system. This a great investment in and of itself, let alone reducing overhead costs in the future. Handeland also noted that solar companies are seeing panels last even longer than warrantied, producing energy for more than 30 years. The longer solar modules are in service, the more is being learned about their full capabilities.

Ripple Effect was also able to take advantage of solar tax credits and incentives available through various government programs bringing the total cost of the project down as much as 50%.

Even before seeing his first energy bill with solar, Gunderson already recommends Current Electric to other businesses looking to go solar.

“[Current Electric has] been very professional and courteous throughout the entire process,” he said. “They took the time to explain the proposal thoroughly and installation was completed in a timely fashion. I would refer other small business owners to Current as they have done an outstanding job, from start to finish.”

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