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Home Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Video Meetings

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In an ever-changing world, new realities have forced many of us to conduct work and business from home. Along with digital correspondence through email, video chat has dramatically expanded. To help ensure your home is fully ready for video conferences, consider electrical upgrades.

These upgrades focus on all aspects of video calls and will ensure you have smooth sailing whenever you need to take a video call.

Lighting Upgrades

One of the key components of a clear video call is the lighting in your home. Whether you do your calls in the kitchen, home office, or other location, you want to have lighting that will eliminate the shadows and offers even tones for your face.

Even if you have natural window light for daytime calls, you will want to adjust the lighting to help fill in areas and prevent unwanted shadows. An electrician can install track lighting in any room within the home. You can adjust the lights, turn their positions, and set up an ideal lighting option for video calls.

Also, inquire about light dimmers. If lights are too bright, you may look washed out on the screen and your video camera may have trouble finding a direct focus. For an even lighting solution in any room, consider a recessed lighting installation. An electrician can evenly space out recessed lights across a whole ceiling to eliminate shadows and keep the whole room lit.

Outlet Upgrades

Along with your video device, you may need other devices to complete work, look up information, and multi-task. An electrician can help create the ideal video meeting space with outlet upgrade options. Expand available outlets with larger outlet panels. Surge protection built into the outlets offers extra protection in case of power surges.

Consider USB ports to offer direct connections for devices like phones, tablets, and microphones. An electrician can also help wire direct LAN connections to your video meeting space. If a WiFi connection goes in and out, you could have trouble seeing other video feeds, and your co-workers in the meeting will have trouble seeing your video.

The high-speed direct connection eliminates a lot of the problems associated with Wi-Fi and can help all of your calls go smoothly.

Standby Power Options

If you are in the middle of a call during a power outage, you do not want to worry about losing a video connection or having a meeting cut off. A standby battery plug will give you valuable time to help finish out a meeting and stay connected during the first moments of a power outage.

An electrician can help mount and install a standby power adapter for your home office area. When plugged into the main wall, the power adapter charges. If the power goes out, the battery pack automatically kicks on and supplies you with continuous power. You will have a chance to explain the situation, end the meeting, and properly power down your electronics.

Quiet Fan Upgrades

As you attend video meetings and sit for long periods of time, you may want a fan or air conditioner. Unfortunately, background noise can become a major distraction for your video meetings. Hire an electrician to install a quiet ceiling fan. The fan will provide a room with adequate airflow while the quiet operations do not disturb your calls.

Even during the cooler months, the fan will help spread hot air through the room and allow you to remain comfortable while you sit in on your video meetings. A wireless fan remote will also give you control access so you do not have to get up in the middle of a meeting to adjust fan speed levels.

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