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Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Bedroom-To-Home-Gym Conversions

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The addition of a home gym to your house can completely change your workout routine and provide a lot of personal space to exercise. Unfortunately, some of the key features in a bedroom may not work as well when you need the space for a gym.

Electricians can provide upgrades to your home gym space before the room conversion is complete. With the upgrades, you can enjoy the full potential of a home gym and create a room with all the features and needs you seek.

Recessed Lighting

Bedroom lighting fixtures may not offer the ideal amount of headspace needed to do workout routines like boxing, cardio, or full-body stretches. You do not want to worry about bumping into ceiling fans or accidentally smashing light bulbs as you work out. An electrician can upgrade the space with recessed lighting.

Lighting is installed flush with the ceiling so bulbs or fixtures do not stick out in the room. You can maximize the headspace and provide bright lights for a whole home gym. You can also request specific lights in certain areas. For example, if you plan on using wall mirrors in the gym, lights positioned over the mirror area will provide highlights and eliminate shadows.

A recessed lighting installation may also include a dimmer switch. You could dim the switch down low for relaxing exercises like yoga or meditation. An electrician may zone the room with multiple switches. For example, you can make one half of the room dark and dim and the other half can have full lighting.

High Mounted Outlets

Most bedroom outlets are located a few inches off the ground, ideal for table lamps and chargers. In a gym, higher outlets give you more options for entertainment and workout gear. For example, you may want to mount a television in the corner of the room to provide easy views from any workout point.

A high mounted outlet provides easy ways to plug in items without running cords all the way down the wall. A corner-mounted fan, for instance, could provide some extra circulation in the room without presenting any trip hazards.

The higher mounted outlets may be ideal for gym equipment as well. You can install outlets in the middle of the wall to plug in elliptical machines, exercise bikes, or treadmills. Expanding the outlet options will give you different ways to set up the gym and create a functional location.

Fuse Box Upgrades

The increase in outlets may increase the amount of power your home gym needs. A bedroom typically requires minimal power. Along with exercise machines and fans, you may want to plug in music devices, a dehumidifier, or home spa items like a heated foot bath. To help contain all of the power, an electrician may upgrade your fuse box.

To help the expanded power, the home gym may be split into two separate circuit breakers. One breaker may control the left side of the room while the other breaker controls the right side. An electrician will perform tests to see how much surge the room creates and determine the proper upgrades needed for the fuse box.

With the amount of equipment and money you put into the gym, an electrician may recommend whole-home surge protection installed on the fuse box as well. If a power surge goes through your home, you do not want the surge to damage the electronics of your home gym. The whole-home protector will stop the surge and keep your gym protected.

For more information on our electrical services, contact us at Current Electric. We will help you convert your bedroom to ensure your home gym operates smoothly for years to come.