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Transform Your Mudroom With Electrical Upgrades

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For many homes, a mudroom is one of the more utilized parts, as it acts as a key entry point. You can get a lot more out of your mudroom when you implement electrical upgrades.

Learn how upgrades can add more convenience and comfort to your home.

1. Electric Heating Options

A mudroom is the first area of the home that provides heat, especially during cold winters. Make the space even more comfortable with electric heating options. Many people use a mudroom as an area to take off shoes. Instead of placing feet on the cold ground, an electrician can install radiant heating underneath the flooring.

During rainy or snowy weather, the warm floors will also help evaporate any small amounts of water that have been tracked in. The heater works in conjunction with other items like an absorbent floor mat. An installation near shoes and coatracks will help the items dry faster.

You can expand the mudroom heating options with an electric base heater. A base heater installed right near the door will help create a wall of heat that blocks out cold weather each time the door is opened.

Smart home features will give you app controls on the heaters and allow you to make easy adjustments. For example, if you are on your way home from work, you can turn the heaters on so you are warm and comfortable as soon as your arrive.

2. Accent Lighting

You may choose to organize items like shoes, coats, and outdoor accessories with hanging hooks, racks, and cubby holes. Make everything easy to find with the installation of accent lighting. Accent lighting provides clear visuals of these areas and eliminates dark shadows caused by shelves.

Accent lights installed above a shoe rack make it easy to find the pair of shoes you are looking for. Small LED lights use minimal power and provide enough illumination for different areas of the mudroom. The subtle lighting changes make a big difference and will cut out any delays and annoyances as you prepare to leave for the day.

Like an electric heater, you can use smart home apps to control the lights and even connect to voice-activated devices to turn on specific lights.

3. Automated Light Motion Sensors

Automated light motion sensors provide a lot of advantages for a mudroom. The room is a main entry point for the home, and the automated lights can act a security measure. When you arrive home carrying grocery items, mail, or work bags, you do not need to fumble around to flip on a light switch. The sensors will detect the door movement and automatically turn it on.

You can set the motion sensors on a timer so the sensors only activate at night, or you can rely on the sensors during the day if the area lacks a lot of windows. An electrician will wire the sensors and also give you a standard switch option. A switch can turn the motion sensors on and off.

4. Charging Stations

A mudroom charging station provides easy ways to charge your devices and can help ensure that you don’t forget them when heading out the door. Hire an electrician to install outlets and USB ports for devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.

If you have work or school electronics, you can easily come home, plug them into a charging station, and leave them there until you have to take them with you again. Dedicate a few shelves or cubby holes to the devices for easy access.

Hire one of our fully licensed electricians at Current Electric Company to help you with mudroom upgrades. We have years of experience and can complete any task you have in mind.