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When Should You Call for Circuit Breaker Replacement?


Circuit breaker replacement is necessary if you want dependable electricity in your home, especially during the winter when electrical consumption increases. Though your circuit breaker panel is your first line in-home electrical safety and can last you a long time, refusing to call for replacement when the time is right can give you all sorts of trouble. This includes flickering lights that will disrupt life in your home in more ways than one. You’ll also risk damaging your most essential lights and appliances, meaning you may have to spend more cash on replacing them. Worse, when too much power is drawn through a power cord, an electrical fire can result from overheating. Your home could be severely damaged by smoke, water and flame. With the increased safety risk, you will also notice your property value eventually begin to dip. After all, no potential home buyer will want to take another look at a property where the possibility of an electrical fire is just a few flickers away. Before these problems snowball into one huge wave of stress, you need to identify the signs telling you to call for replacement in a hurry. But how? Since a circuit breaker is located in a less visible area of the home, you may not even realize any indication of a problem at all. However, all you need to do is take a closer look around the house so you’ll be spotting the warning signs like a pro.

How Can Current Electric Help You?

Current Electric should be your first choice in the event you need circuit breaker replacement. Our team of electricians works quickly in replacing the old with the new so you’re not spending a second longer with an outdated and unsafe circuit breaker panel. Before any work is done, we’ll consult with you about a replacement to ensure to a job is done to your specifications. You’ll receive plenty of benefits once we provide you with service. Perhaps you didn’t realize how much easier life is when lights, appliances and electrical devices work each and every time–simply because you invested in a precautionary repair. Our circuit breaker replacement service will ensure you experience greater convenience around the house, especially since it keeps those essential appliances working to the best of their abilities. More importantly, you will enjoy improved home safety that will your property away from the risk of electrical fires. Once you know you have a panel keeping your family safe, you will be able to achieve better peace of mind. It’s not having to constantly worry over whether your electricity is safe, so why not call Current to relieve yourself from stress?

5 Warning Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Replacement

The next time you suspect your circuit breaker may be in its waning days, please take a look at these 5 warning signs:

  1. Frequent Trips: A circuit breaker will become overwhelmed when there is too much power being drawn through it to protect your entire home. If a breaker is tripping every time you turn on a particular appliance like the microwave or vacuum cleaner, the breaker may be worn out and ready to fail. A licensed electrician at Current Electric will be able to determine if it’s simply a bad breaker or if you need to add a circuit to your home.
  2. Old Age: Circuit breakers are designed to last for decades of use. However, if it’s older than 10 years or hasn’t been serviced in a while, you’re more at risk of having it replaced. There’s a good chance that your circuit breaker is ready to fail. Please call an electrician at Current Electric today immediately for inspection if this applies to your home.
  3. Burning Smells: A burning odor coming from the area where the panel is installed is an immediate cause of concern. Shut off the power in your home before this leads to a fire and call an electrician for an inspection. Allowing this problem to continue any longer can turn your home into a giant safety hazard, so call for help as soon as you notice it.
  4. Breaker Will Not Stay Reset: Are you finding your circuit breaker unable to stay on for a prolonged period of time? This means the breaker has probably failed. However, an electrician at Current Electric will check the entire circuit to make sure further damage wasn’t done to the wiring.
  5. Physical Damage: If you notice scorch marks around the breaker, at an outlet or appliances, are failing due to faulty wiring, it’s a good bet that your electrical panel and breakers require immediate service. A melted wire is one step away from your house experiencing a fire. Please call an electrician and unplug all fixtures from that circuit!

Contact Current Electric today if you want to learn more on how to improve electricity thanks to circuit breaker replacement!