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Get With the Times: Why You Need to Replace Knob & Tube Wiring


The year is 2017, and if you’re still living with knob & tube wiring, you may just as well be living in the age of the dinosaurs. Knob and tube electrical systems were common in homes built between the late 1800s and 1930s. While they were considered the norm for a long while, you also have to remember their popularity came at a time of lesser electrical demands in the average home. There was none of those fancy kitchen aid mixers, hot tubs, washers, dryers, and perhaps worst of all, no television for people to binge-watch the latest Netflix series. Since they cannot possibly keep up with modern electrical demands, they are incredibly unsafe to have in your home. In fact, they are illegal in several counties across the United States. There are other risks as well like low circuit capacity, over-fusing, no safe ground conductor, etc.  Unfortunately, many older homes in the Milwaukee area are still equipped with it, making them immediately at risk for an electrical fire. If this applies to your household, you need to take action immediately. The safety of your family is on the line here, and you certainly can’t wait any longer in fixing any issues. When the time comes to modernize your electrical system, don’t get stuck in the past, or else the future won’t be so bright!

Why You Need To Call Current Electric

Fortunately, the team at Current Electric can provide you with electrical rewiring that will finally usher you into 2017. Our team of electricians value home safety more than anything else and will stop at nothing to ensure security in your home. This includes replacing old knob & tube wiring and giving you better electricity won’t leave your safety at risk. We know just how much damage knob and tube wiring can do and without any help, it may lead to disastrous, sometimes fatal, consequences. We can provide you with the latest and greatest wiring so you can use all of your appliances safely. With our help, you’ll be living in a home that’s truly modernized, especially with electricity that won’t put anyone’s safety in danger. Your lights and appliances will be able to work so much better for a longer period of time, meaning you will save tons of money on replacement. But most importantly, you can relax in your home knowing your family is being kept safe. We’re only making sure you have modern electricity; we’re making sure you stay at a better peace of mind.

4 Good Reasons To Replace It

Replacing that knob and tube wiring will cross one more worry off your list. Above all else, you should be getting rid of them for these reasons:

  1. Make Your Home Safer: Knob & tube wiring isn’t just some old electrical feature ruining the quality of electricity in your home. It places the lives of you and your family at risk due to the elevated risk of house fires. At Current Electric, our electricians will replace knob and tube wiring with more durable, efficient alternatives so you can continue to enjoy quality electricity without the safety risk.
  2. You Will Avoid Short-Circuiting: Since knob and tube wiring can easily become overwhelmed by the intense electrical demands of your home’s appliances, you will face a higher risk of short-circuiting. Short-circuiting occurs when the current is allowed to travel along an unintended path with no or little electrical impedance. Replacement from the team at Current Electric, however, will ensure you’ll get more electricity for a longer period of time.
  3. Improve Your Property Value: Living in an older home certainly has its charms, but it won’t be so charming when its electricity is putting your life in danger. No potential home buyer will want to take another look at a home still equipped with knob and tube wiring that’s on the verge of falling to pieces. Getting it replaced will make that older home of yours a place where people want to live, spiking interest from buyers immediately.
  4. You’ll Be With the Times: You won’t be living almost a hundred years in the past thanks to our replacement services. Remember: living with knob & tube wiring is illegal in counties across the United States. There’s nothing in preserving your home’s old school appeal, but it’s entirely when it’s putting your safety and functionality at risk. Replacing and modernizing your home’s wiring is just to be current; it’s also to be cautious.

Contact Current Electric today if you want to improve home safety by having one of our electricians replace your knob & tube wiring!