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Top 7 Electrical Upgrades To Consider For Fall


If you love fall, you are probably excited for the chillier temperatures, foliage, and all things pumpkin spiced. But while you are caught up in the flurry of seasonal changes, you should not lose focus on your home’s electrical system, primarily with any electrical upgrades. If you do not make any much-needed changes to your home’s electrical system now, you may risk encountering more electrical hazards, poor electrical performance, and even other dangers like exposure to carbon monoxide. You need to make sure your home stays away from all those threats well before the season comes into full effect.

The best way to do so is by calling up Current Electric now for electrical upgrades that will fully prepare your home for fall. Even when you think your home will be perfectly fine throughout the season, do not settle for second-rate electricity. Our team of electricians can provide you with high-quality electrical service that will improve home safety and convenience so you continue to live comfortably without worrying when the next power outage will occur. We can even provide you with upgrades that you may not have even thought about yet. It is part of our goal to meet the electrical needs of all our customers.

7 Electrical Upgrades You Should Consider

There are so many electrical upgrades you could consider that it would be difficult listing them all. If we had to narrow it down to the ones that the most essential to your fall, we would probably say it would come down to any of these 7 upgrades:

  1. Surge Protection: The fall will see a higher chance of wind and rain which, depending on the severity, will result in your home experiencing a power surge. However, a storm does not need to be the direct cause of a power surge either. They can occur really any time too much electrical power is sent to lights and appliances, leading to power loss that will leave you unable to function in your home conveniently. However, this can be prevented by installing whole-home surge protection which will regulate the amount of power going to your electrical features. You will be less likely to experience surges and get more enjoyment out of your appliances throughout the season.
  2. GFCI Outlet Installation: While significant improvements have been made in electrical safety over the years, the threat of accidental electrocution remains present and you need to take the steps necessary in avoiding it. The best way is by installing a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) which will cut off power immediately once it detects a contrast between input and output current, thanks to its built-in circuit breaker. Without a GFCI outlet installed in your home, areas where water is more likely to come into contacts with electricity like bathrooms and garages are suddenly much more dangerous. It may even result in a person being electrocuted once they come into contact with an outlet. Upgrading with a GFCI outlet will save lives and keep you more relaxed.
  3. Knob & Tube Replacement: Knob & tube wiring dates back to the late 1800s when it was thought to be the most state-of-the-art wring for a new home. However, this wiring is now incredibly outdated and cannot possibly keep up with your modern electrical demands. Many older homes are still equipped with knob & tube wiring. If you live in one of them, now is the time for a change. Current Electric can provide you with new, reliable wiring boasting high-quality electrical performance. You will also reduce the risk of residential fires or having to repeatedly call an electrician for service due to frequent system breakdowns.
  4. Aluminum Wiring Replacement: Similar to knob & tube wiring, aluminum wiring is also outdated and needs to be replaced immediately before it puts your safety at risk. Though a surge in copper prices made aluminum cost-efficient alternative wiring in the late 1960s, cost-efficiency does not automatically translate into efficient performance. Aluminum wiring has since proven the cause for several residential fires over the years. Please have an electrician from Current Electric replace it with copper wiring for guaranteed safety.
  5. Outlet & Switch Replacement: Are your outlets & switches looking worse for wear? Then you should call Current Electric for replacement this fall. As outlets & switches age, they begin to sport some wear and tear that may prove significant enough to the point where it begins to prevent it from working at its best. There is also the possibility your outlets may be outdated due to you still having two-prong outlets or builders-grade outlets, which cannot meet your modern electrical demands. Either way, it is much better to replace them for improved electrical performance and safety.
  6. Smoke Detection: You need reliable smoke detection year-round that will alert you of even the smallest traces of smoke in your home. However, if you are noticing your current smoke detector is not working, it may be time for replacement before the fall arrives. Modern smoke detectors are designed to last over 10 years, and can even come equipped with lithium batteries that you will not have to replace at any point. Additionally, if you plan on turning on the furnace or starting a fire in the fireplace, now is the time to upgrade in smoke detection, as either of these situations will surely result in a higher risk of smoke emissions.
  7. Interior Lighting Upgrades: Haunted houses are a popular attraction during the fall, but your home may resemble one without any working or outdated lights. At Current Electric, we offer several lighting upgrades that will shed new light on your kitchen, bathroom, family room, and more. We offer cabinet lighting, accent lighting, artwork accents, bathroom lighting, and so much more. Any guest will feel immediately welcome into your home thanks to warming, eye-catching lighting that enhances the indoor atmosphere. Plus, you will be able to cook, clean, read, and navigate in your home so much more effectively.

If you think these upgrades will improve your fall, contact Current Electric today if you need high-quality service for electrical upgrades that will help you usher in the season with greater comfort and convenience!