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The Importance of Whole Home Surge Protection in Milwaukee WI


The topic of power surges usually brings the same idea to mind for most homeowners: Lightning strikes, lighting up the entire night sky for a brief and beautiful moment. It then plunges your house into darkness after causing a blackout, after causing the worst-case scenario, a power surge. Such a power surge can end up frying all of your expensive electronic devices, costing you thousands, which is why you need whole home surge protection in Milwaukee, WI.

The incident of a power surge isn’t rare, but lightning isn’t the most common culprit. Power surges can be caused by numerous factors inside your home as well. Many power surges begin with large appliances in the home cycling on and off, creating disruptions in energy flow.

This is where the importance of whole home surge protection in Milwaukee, WI, comes into play.

You can’t predict when a power surge will happen. With in-home appliances as the culprit, these power surges can go on all day long, slowly wearing down on your electrical appliances. While single power surge protectors may dot your home to protect individual appliances, nothing compares to the effectiveness of whole home surge protection.

The most common unit is the whole-house surge protective device or SPD. This unit can be installed in the circuit breaker box of your home, and protect your home against around 40,000 amps of power. This unit can be installed to protect against dramatic surges by redirecting the surge of electricity to a home’s grounding path, safely expelling the energy away from your home.

Even if you have a newer home, don’t assume you already have whole home surge protection stalled. Since power surges don’t represent fire hazards, protection against these occurrences is not required by any building codes or insurance carriers. You may not realize your home is susceptible to power surges until it’s too late.

Installing whole home surge protection in Milwaukee, WI is a smart preventative move for Wisconsin homeowners. Just as no one can predict where or when lightning will strike next, major power surges can come at any time as well, leaving homeowners with thousands of dollars of expenses if not protected. For all your whole-home power surge protection in Milwaukee, call Current Electric to protect your home from power surges of all origins.