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3 Signs Your Home Needs Solar Energy In Milwaukee

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The concept has been around for a long time. Solar panels have started cropping up on homes, while news stories have covered the advances and government agencies have created tax credits. If you own a home, chances are there have been discussions about going solar.

Solar energy in Milwaukee has become a hot topic as it has all over the country. You already have power. That’s why solar isn’t always a rush-rush decision. There are signs, however, you can benefit from installing solar panels and the decision may not be that complex.

Your Electric Bills Are Expensive

The costs of energy keep going up and up. Like many people, your monthly bills might be spiking higher every time even though you haven’t used more energy. Solar energy gives you the advantage because you are creating the power from the sun. You won’t have to pay for that expensive energy from the utility company.

If you have room for multiple modules, that’s even better because you can produce more power. You might not need anything from the grid. Eventually, the savings can pay back the cost of the system. Some people are putting excess power back into the grid; utility and government programs are enabling homeowners to actually generate revenue this way.

Current Solar Technologies Are Appealing

Today, the options for solar energy in Milwaukee are growing as the technologies are evolving. Efficiency has historically been in the single digits but there are photovoltaic panels now available that are 20% efficient or better. That means they convert more of the sun’s energy into electrical juice your home can use right away. In a few years, they could be over 50% efficient.

From high-efficiency batteries to thin-film modules to module monitoring and fault detection, the technologies are enabling solar power to be more affordable to install and operate. Another advancement in the field is photovoltaic shingles. Rather than having large solar panels on your roof or around your house, these are installed in place of standard roof shingles and look a lot like them as well.

Your Roof Faces The Right Direction

Solar energy output improves with the direction your roof faces. An east, west, or south-facing roof has more exposure to sunlight. In the northern hemisphere, this means you can greatly benefit from a solar power system. Your panels will take in a lot of energy from the sun. Instead of the energy getting wasted or being converted into unnecessary heat, why not capitalize on an opportunity to go solar?

Wisconsin homeowners have felt the spike in energy costs in recent years. If your home stands to benefit from solar energy in Milwaukee, contact Current Electric today to learn more about the options available for professional installation. Solar might be more affordable than you realize.