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Common Warning Signs You Need Generator Replacement In Milwaukee, WI


Imagine getting stuck in this nightmare of a scenario: you lose all power in your home and just when you think your super trustworthy generator will be able to supply you with backup power, it suddenly stops working altogether. While it’s no secret your generator can last you a long time, the time will inevitably come when you need to consider generator replacement in Milwaukee, WI. You need backup power for all of your most essential lights and appliances, and you need it right now.

Current Electric should be the first place you consider for generator replacement in Milwaukee, WI. We have a selection of highly-efficient Generac generators designed to provide your home with unlimited power at any time of year. When you feel like you need a change with your home power, our team of electricians can provide you with a working generator that will be there for you at any time.

Generator Replacement In Milwaukee, WI: When Should You Call Current?

Of course, the key to getting a new generator is knowing when the time is right to replace it. If you’re suspecting you need an overhaul of in-home power, be on the lookout for:

  • A slow startup time. Your generator should start up within seconds of a power outage but it is meant for concern if it seemingly takes longer and longer for it to provide power.
  • Frequent breakdowns. One breakdown can be fixed easily by a professional, but frequent breakdowns can only lead to you spending more money on repair services. Replacing the generator entirely will be a more cost-efficient option.
  • Carbon monoxide emissions. Carbon monoxide is an odorless yet deadly gas that can be emitted from a faulty generator. If your carbon monoxide detector goes off every time you turn on the generator, you need to replace it in a hurry.
  • Greater energy costs. Once a generator malfunctions, it will begin to force itself to work harder and increase the amount of fuel usage it needs to operate. This can eventually place a strain on your savings but fortunately, there are several generators on the market today with greater efficiency levels so you get more power for your dollar.

Contact Current Electric today if you need generator replacement in Milwaukee, WI and our team of electricians will be glad to help!