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4 Tips For Finding The Best Generator In Milwaukee, WI


You need the best generator in Milwaukee, WI to ensure you have backup power for all of your most essential lights and appliances. However, finding the perfect one may not be so easy. All too often, we see homeowners wind up buying the wrong generator for their home, leaving them spending all of their money on a system that doesn’t even work for them. Needless to say, we don’t want to see you make the same mistake, certainly not when your home’s power is on the line.

Current Electric is ready to lend you a helping hand in finding the best generator in Milwaukee, WI so your family is kept safe and secure. We have a selection of Generac generators designed to provide you immediate, unlimited power when you need it the most. Even better, our electricians will work to make sure you have the right generator in your home by consulting with you and answering any of your must-know questions.

How Can You Find The Best Generator In Milwaukee, WI?

Before you wind up with a generator that will provide you more headaches than power for your home, you may want to consider:

  1. Sizing: When it comes to sizing with generators, it doesn’t just mean physical size, but also the amount of wattage your generator is designed to handle. Generators today are available in size from 5W to 50W. Often times, homeowners will purchase a smaller generator with the understanding that they are more efficient because they don’t run all the time. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth, as it may result in the generator being more susceptible to frequent breakdowns.
  2. Location: While it’s true portable generators can be used in a wide range of locations, location means everything to the performance of your automatic standby generator. It must be installed outside your home and at least 25 feet away from the house. Any distance closer will heighten the risk of carbon monoxide exposure and electrical fires.
  3. The Right Electrician: You may purchase the best generator for your home, but its performance can still falter if it’s installed by an underqualified electrician. You need to make sure your electrician is licensed and fully-trained for the job, or else you may find yourself with a generator prone to frequent breakdowns and poor efficiency. Fortunately, Current Electric has a team of licensed, fully-trained electricians available to provide installation for you at any time.
  4. Your Electrical Needs: How many lights and appliances do you rely on a daily basis just to function in your home? Can you imagine what everyday life in your home would be like without power to any of them? When it comes down to it, you need a generator that meets your unique electrical needs. Generac offers different generators aimed at meeting different electrical needs, so you’re bound to find a system that keeps you satisfied.

Contact Current Electric today if you want to learn more on how you can find the best generator in Milwaukee, WI and we’ll gladly install it for you!