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What Should You Ask Before Hiring A Milwaukee Electrician?


At Current Electric, we believe your home’s electricity deserves nothing but the best, but you need to find the right Milwaukee electrician to handle it. Sure, you may pay a hefty sum of money for things like lighting installments and electric panel upgrades, but you may end up with a result that leaves you less than satisfied. There are a few scam service companies who are simply looking for ways to make money off you with little consideration to the quality of their work.  You need an honest, hard-working electrician who will live up to their promises with high-quality work, fair prices, and personable customer service.

Now that we’re in the midst of the winter season, it’s highly important to hire a Milwaukee electrician who can provide you electricity that can endure through the season’s harshest weather. The cold temperatures may be unforgiving, but you shouldn’t have to settle for a second-rate electrical service that won’t treat your electricity with the full attention it needs.  Our team is here to show you how to avoid scams and get a truly reliable professional!

Questions To Ask A Milwaukee Electrician

If you want to land the perfect electrician for whatever work you need to be done, here are some essential questions to ask before hiring:

  1. May You Provide References/ Qualifications?” You certainly don’t want to settle for an electrician who only has a few years under their belt or one who isn’t even licensed at all.  A more experienced electrician has probably seen it all and done it all in terms of electric work, which helps them remain calm when work gets tough. Also, make sure they provide a good resume with references from past employers. In addition, conduct research online and elsewhere to see customer reviews.
  2. “What are the Estimates?” Asking about estimates will help you know the extent you’ll be paying for service. Incidentals including drywall repairs impact by electrical work should also be asked about. However, please be cautious of services claiming to offer free estimates as this may simply be a ploy to buy into their service.
  3. “Do You Offer Warranties?” Warranties are an absolute must if you expect to have the costs of labor and production covered to some degree. Many warranties will often include the cost of labor and production for a 10-year period. A professional electrician will almost always offer warranties on all their work. Please avoid any service that will shy away from providing any details.

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