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5 Tips For Generator Maintenance In Milwaukee


Like any other piece of equipment, your generator requires routine maintenance to keep it functioning at its fullest potential. Following a maintenance regime will ensure that you’re never left out in the dark, and it will even extend the life of your investment. With 33 years of experience, Current Electric takes pride in their reputation of being a reliable, trusted electrician. When it comes to generators, they work with top-of-the-line Generac natural gas systems, and they offer these tips to help you with generator maintenance in Milwaukee.

  1. Check The Oil Often: If your generator is new, the oil should be changed after the first 20 hours of use in order to rid the machine of assembly lube and metallic particles. That break-in period is crucial to extending the life of the generator. After the initial oil change, you can get away with changing the oil every 100 hours of use.
  2. Keep it Clean: Dust, dirt, and other small particles can wreak havoc on the interior mechanisms of your generator. Store your gas somewhere clean and out of the way, and never refill the tank in windy conditions. The wind carries dirt and dust with it, and if those particles enter the gas chamber, it will affect your generator’s efficiency.
  3. Inspect for Leaks: It doesn’t take long for a small leak to turn into a big problem. Before you turn your generator on, take the time to inspect the engine for oil leaks. If you spot one, take immediate action regardless of its size. You may only need to tighten a loose part, but there’s also a chance that you will need to replace the part altogether.
  4. Keep That Spark: Over time, spark plugs collect oil residue and carbon buildup that will affect the efficiency and function of the generator. Spark plugs should be inspected after every 100 hours of use, and you should be looking for any obvious damage or built-up debris. Spark plugs can be cleaned with a wire brush, but if they’re damaged, they should be immediately replaced.
  5. Store it Properly: In most cases, generators are used as back-up during emergency situations. If you’re lucky, those situations are few and far between, so you’ll need to store your generator in between uses. If you plan on going 34 days without using your generator, clean it and drain the fuel tank. Invest in a protective cover and store it in a dry place that is away from heavy foot traffic.

Current Electric does everything that they can to ensure that their clients receive the best possible service. They are honest and trustworthy, and there’s nothing that they value more than customer satisfaction. Call them today to schedule an appointment or learn more about generator maintenance in Milwaukee.