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5 Myths On Solar Energy In Milwaukee Busted!


In the spirit of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, there are a lot of tall tales and mistruths about solar energy in Milwaukee. Despite its environmental and energy-efficient benefits, many homeowners still believe solar energy is a highly futuristic concept so far from removed from the overall scope of present-day heating. It’s their loss, of course, because they’re preventing themselves from equipping their homes with energy that will help save an extra dollar or two on monthly bills.

Allow the team at Current Electric to serve as Mythbusters to the popular misconceptions on solar energy in Milwaukee. Don’t get us wrong; we love a good tall tale just like everyone. But we certainly can’t allow misconceptions on something like solar energy to persist any longer. After all, we want residents across Milwaukee to experience improved energy efficiency, and it’s time to debunk the myths and tell you the truth!

What Myths Shouldn’t You Believe?

Here are a few of the common myths tossed around about solar energy in Milwaukee that need to be stopped:

  1. Solar energy is expensive”: The price of solar panel installation can often make people believe that simply having solar energy in your home is an expensive venture, but the truth is that investing in solar energy will see long-term savings that will help cut costs on energy bills significantly.
  2. “Solar energy only works when it’s sunny”: Solar energy can work rain or shine, but that never stops people from believing it can only work when it’s sunny outdoors. Think of it this way: you probably wear sunscreen at the beach even when it’s overcast. This is because the UV rays can still shine through clouds. Solar energy works the exact same way and can still provide UV-powered- energy when sunlight isn’t present.
  3. “Solar energy panels aren’t visually appealing”: Many people still have this outdated view of solar energy on a purely aesthetic level. When they picture solar panels, they imagine them to be something straight out of an old sci-fi movie. However, today’s solar panels are designed to look like shingles that can seamlessly blend into your home’s style.
  4. “Solar energy requires a lot of maintenance”: Solar panels will typically have a 25-year warranty, so you certainly don’t have to worry about spending money on maintenance work. Contrary to popular belief, solar energy doesn’t require you to be stuck in a constant game of keep-up!
  5. “Solar energy needs to be positioned a certain way”: Solar panels of the past needed to be positioned facing south, and people still believe this to be true. But modern solar panels can be placed wherever you want—east, west, or south!

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