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5 Signs You Need Home Rewiring In Milwaukee


You’re probably reading this blog post with a sinking feeling. Because let’s face it: you’re not likely to be looking for information about home rewiring in Milwaukee unless you suspect your home might need some TLC. And as a homeowner, you’re probably not looking forward to having to budget the time and money for a major electric system overhaul.

Do You Need Home Rewiring In Milwaukee?

Now, before you grab the calculator, let’s first check to see if you really need home rewiring. And even if you do, don’t worry, because we’ve got your back!

Here are five signs you need home rewiring:

  1. Exposed wiring. If you have a lot of exposed wires, for example around switches and outlets, or even due to holes in the walls or ceilings, then you might need rewiring. You’ll definitely need to have the exposed wires covered up, so you should call an electrician either way.
  2. The breaker switch trips frequently. Yes, it’s a pain, and when it happens often, it’s super inconvenient. It also indicates that you’re demanding too much from your electric system. An upgrade is your best solution.
  3. Frequently blown fuses. Likewise, when fuses blow regularly, it’s a sign your electric system can’t cope with your demand.
  4. You use power strips. Many people who live in older homes find themselves having to use power strips to plug in all of their electronics, appliances and devices. That’s because the number of devices we use and the electricity we consume has increased significantly over the last decade. However, using power strips really isn’t the safest solution, and you should start thinking about rewiring.
  5. You experience brownouts. Brownouts are those occasional “hiccups” in the electricity supply when the lights dim for a second or so. Again, they’re a sign your system is overloaded.

Call Current Electric For Quality Home Rewiring In Milwaukee

If you’ve noticed one or more of these signs, then give us a call. We’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective way to rewire your home. Plus, we’ll work with your schedule, so you’ll experience the least amount of disruption to your personal life. And remember: not upgrading your wiring can eventually lead to dangerous situations, so don’t wait too long before you call us!