Carport Solar Systems in Milwaukee

Current Electric Offers Innovative Solar Solutions

When it comes to installing solar panels, not everyone has a large yard for a ground mount nor enough space to put panels on their home. However, this does not mean you cannot benefit from a solar system. Current Electric offers a solar carport system that not only protects your car from the elements but also produces power to your home and reduces your carbon footprint. Carport systems can also be scaled to meet large commercial needs.

Since 1983, we have been working hard to stay up to date with the latest innovations in residential power systems. We installed our first solar system in the early 2000s, and we are excited to share our passion for solar energy with our customers across Southeastern Wisconsin. With our expert design and shade analysis, we can create a carport system that meets your power needs and goals.

Our Carport Systems Are Flexible & Versatile

With every situation being unique, Current Electric creates a site-specific design for every solar panel canopy or carport project. With decades of experience handling residential and commercial solar projects, our Milwaukee carport system specialists have the skill and expertise to tackle any project. Each solar panel carport project is customized to meet the client's needs, creating the most functional and cost-effective solar installation available.

Solar panel mounting structures can be designed for:

  • Walkways
  • Existing carports
  • Parking lot structures
  • Detention basins
  • Recreational parks
  • Ballparks

We also understand that you care about what your solar panels look like. Current Electric. offers both black on silver and black on black solar panels. This allows us to not only take care of your production needs but also your aesthetic needs.

Installation & Beyond: We Have You Covered

Each panel is rated by the amount of production it will produce. Our designers will consider that information when designing your system, ensuring that we add the right amount of panels with the right engineering for your carport. Once your system is installed, it is very important to us that you know your production levels throughout your home or facility, and we will train you on how to look up your production on your inverter's easy-to-use app.

We also offer customers the Wiser System by SquareD. This system will track your usage throughout your home by monitoring your breakers in your electrical panel. You will be able to see if your fridge is starting to need more power to run, whether you left a light on when you are out of town or if your water heater or furnace is overrunning.

Current Electric Is the Top Solar Installer in Wisconsin

Many customers ask us how to keep their systems in good working order in the years to come. We have seen first-hand how important routine maintenance is for solar carport systems. With this in mind, we offer our customers in the Milwaukee area membership in our Solar Service Plan (SSP).

With SSP membership, you enjoy:

  • An annual inspection of your wires and panels
  • A report showing your current production rates
  • Yearly cleaning of your system
  • A full-system audit

At Current Electric, we never subcontract. Our superhero electricians take care of all electrical connections, including adding any sub-panels and transfer switches that may be needed to complete your installation. Our experience and record of excellence have given us the honor of being named the top solar installer in Wisconsin by Solar Power World Magazine.

Our Reviews
  • We will now save loads on our electric bill!

    Josh and Eric upgraded our lights at the post office today. We will now save loads on our electric bill! Friendly and professional service!! Highly recommend!

    - Jon K.
  • Professional, Incredibly Responsive, and in Tune with Each Other

    I contacted Current Electric to design and install a residential solar system for my house, after having had a bad experience with a different provider. The several staff I worked with were all very professional, incredibly responsive, and best of all - they were all in tune with each other, so that the service was always seamless, regardless of whom I was speaking to in the moment. I contacted them in April and my system has been up and running for several weeks now.

    - Roger K
  • Professional, friendly, kind, honest, and trustworthy

    I was so pleased, grateful, and blessed by the service I received today by Jim again.

    - Kathy W.