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Superhero of the Week: Jacob Elmer

Superhero of the Week: Jacob Elmer

This week, we recognize Jacob Elmer as our Superhero of the Week. Jacob is currently a senior at Union Grove High School in Union Grove, WI.

Jacob lives in Racine with his parents and a twin sister. In his spare time, he said he enjoys building and designing with Legos. He also has a popular Instagram site where he shares videos and pictures, has giveaways, and collaborates with others in the Lego Community.

"I have enjoyed my time at Union Grove High School," he said. "I have learned many skills, have had many great opportunities to learn how to work with others, and have learned how to become an effective leader and friend to others. I believe my involvement in academics and extracurriculars has helped me impact our Broncos Nation community."

Jacob said his favorite experiences over the past four years have been Visiting WBA, Working with elementary students as part of the Assistant Childcare Teacher Course, Learning New Skills through Broncos Media, and all the different projects he got to do throughout his classes.

"When I got to work with elementary students it taught me a lot about how the classroom works and what to expect in my future career," he said. "It was also a great experience to have practiced some of the teaching techniques I had learned through the course and learn some new things along the way. One of my favorite experiences of high school was all the different projects I worked on throughout our school because they each had different opportunities for me to grow in skill but also be creative at the same time. Specifically, all the Broncos Media projects I worked on throughout high school have taught me about leadership, and the importance of dividing tasks and working with others which will help me in the future.

"I would like to thank Bill Wald and Joel Adamczyk for nominating me for this opportunity. I have looked up to both of them throughout my high school career and appreciate all the guidance and support they have had for me throughout my four years at Union Grove. I would also like to thank my family and friends because without them I would not be the person I am today and appreciate their support and guidance every day."

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