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5 Factors to Consider Before Installing Whole Home Surge Protection


Whole-home surge protection can keep most appliances away from the threat of power surges. A surge will occur when the flow of electricity in your home is interrupted, then suddenly kick starts again. Though it only lasts mere seconds, it can bring plenty of damage to your electrical system because it’s such a huge surge of electricity. Imagine doing work on the home computer, only for a power surge to prevent you from meeting deadlines and causing you to lose important data. If that sounds inconvenient, it may discomfort you that it can impact some other essential appliances as well. HVAC systems are also at risk, especially if it knocks out power to heating & cooling systems during the coldest and warmest times of the year. During lightning storms, it becomes even worse, as power surges will greater your chances of experiencing an electrical fire. A single bolt of lightning can fry your home’s wiring and eventually cause any surrounding fixtures to ignite in flames. When you really consider just how disastrous a power surge can be, a lack of surge protection is not worth putting your family’s safety at risk. Do you really want to live with the constant threat of fires and power loss? The answer is probably not, so you need to take action immediately in getting whole home surge protection this season.

Why You Should Call Current Electric

If you want surge protection in your home, please Current Electric immediately. We have a licensed electrician who will be willing to provide surge protection lasting you for years. We can provide a home safety inspection to determine what areas of your home need protection the most and get the right to work in improving your home’s security. Once we install surge protection in your home, homeowners will be able to protect electronics from power surges and extend their lifespan by years. We can also ensure you save thousands of dollars on appliance replacement, especially for appliances like high-definition televisions and computers. You will be able to relax so much easier in your home once know your appliances are fully protected and, most importantly, that your family is kept from the risk of experiencing a fire.

5 Factors To Consider Before You Install

While whole home surge protection is absolutely essential, you certainly don’t want to rush through the installation process. That will only give rise to mistakes and leave you with less-than-adequate protection. Before you go right ahead in installing whole-home surge protection, here are a few important things to consider:

  1. Your Electrical Needs: Most additions in your home are electronic, even the appliances you use every day like coffee pots, washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Even additions like computers, tablets, and smart devices are essential to daily life in your home. When considering your electrical needs in regards to surge protection, just remember the more appliances you have in your home, the more surge protection you will need to install.
  2. Consider Quality: You should also conduct Internet research for customer reviews and product recalls. Having surge protection is important, but you shouldn’t risk having that will put their family in danger of spending more money than necessary. Some products are not to be trusted and may wind up charging more money than necessary.
  3. Layer Surge Protection: Electronics like home theaters, computers, and big appliances should have an additional set of protection. Since these appliances will cost more than $200 to replace, it is essential to provide them with layered detection so you avoid any significant money loss. You also need to consider what rooms of your home will need layered protection, like home offices equipped with computers storing important data.
  4. Interior Power Surges: Since most power surges occur in the home, you need to be careful when turning off appliances like HVAC systems. Your HVAC system can cause an interior power surge, even when it turns off because of residual power in the line that would have nowhere else to go, meaning it is racing for the nearest exit. If it hits your appliances or electronics, serious damage can occur. Remember: you need to be careful when shutting off major appliances, or else it can lead to an unpleasant surprise in the form of power loss.
  5. Protecting Your Home’s Infrastructure: Replacing electrical wiring can be a huge expense, so you need to make sure wires and outlets are protected as much as possible. A power surge can cause wires to melt and outlets to burn, which then may require an electrician to pull wiring through the walls of your home to reach electrical outlets. Fortunately, once you install a surge protector, it helps eliminate the risk of physical damage to the wiring in your home.


Contact Current Electric today if you want to know how you can keep your appliances secure thanks to purchasing whole home surge protection!