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5 Common Indicators You Need Generator Repair In Milwaukee


One of the major benefits of owning a generator is the peace of mind you gain knowing that even if your house loses its main source of power, your generator is there to back it up. That’s why it’s important to keep up with its repairs. Your family depends on electricity to function in modern-day life and electricity could depend solely on the operational ability of your generator. You do the math.

With our licensed and insured electricians at Current Electric in the Milwaukee area, you’ll always be able to leverage our generator repair services to restore your generator back to its reliable and consistent form. Keep in mind that generator repairs are a more cost-effective method than a full replacement.

At Current Electric, our experts have decided to share with you some common warning signs that your generator is in need of a repair job:

  1. Inspect for Outer Damage. Make it a habit to regularly perform exterior inspections of your generator, especially after a storm or other natural disasters. If you spot any kinks to the electric components a professional should look at it right away before you use it again.
  2. No Visit From a Technician for Annual Maintenance? It’s imperative that you have standard maintenance checks on your generator so a professional eye can catch any issue that could expose danger to your family. A professional cleaning always helps too.
  3. Electrical Components are Tattered and/or Worn. Upon a simple inspection, you should be able to discover any frayed wires, stuck buttons, loose connectors, and other electrical oddities. Make sure to test the voltage on the battery too.
  4. Leaks, Leaks, and More Leaks. The older your generator the greater the chance it’ll spring a leak from a hose or line spewing oil, fuel, or coolant everywhere. Be sure to check around for puddles.
  5. It’s Always a Challenge to Start It and/or Keep It Running. If your generator sits dormant for a significant amount of time, the battery may drain. So if this is the case, it’s probably time to contact a licensed service technician.

Reach out to our generator experts at Current Electric today to take care of all your generator repair services in Milwaukee!