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When Should You Consider A Service Panel Upgrade In Milwaukee?

Homes today are being lived in for longer than ever before. The average home will be occupied for more than 35 years, longer than most electrical components and appliances. An electrical service panel is where power flows into the house. It might be located in the garage or basement, in a closet, or in an outside enclosure. A service panel upgrades in Milwaukee may be needed for one of several reasons. Some of these might mean parts have to be replaced. You might have to opt for a completely new panel. In either case, new parts and units come with advantages, not limited to having newer products and parts/panels that are built to modern standards.

Signs you might need an upgrade include:

  • The lights in your home flicker often.
  • Circuit breakers trip frequently or your fuses need to be changed often.
  • Circuit breakers don’t trip, causing shocks, overheating and, in extreme cases, fires.
  • Having to turn off lights and appliances just to use a specific one.
  • Electrical wires are visibly charred, frayed, or melted.

You might also notice other signs the service panel needs an upgrade. There could be crackling sounds from inside, or the breakers or panel may have rust on them. If your appliances don’t seem to be running on full power, the problem can be with the supply of electricity coming into your home.

Know When A Service Panel Upgrade Is A Good Idea

The equipment you have can also be a telltale sign. If you still have two-pronged outlets, those which are not grounded, or ground fault circuit interrupters haven’t been installed, an upgrade may be in store. In some homes, everything still runs on 60 amps. That’s no longer the standard. It’s up to you to have the service panel upgraded to support a higher capacity.

A good time to consider a service panel upgrade in Milwaukee is when you decide to renovate. Building additions, installing central heating and air (or any major appliance), needing new outlets, or if insurance requirements need to be met, are all good reasons for an upgrade.

If you feel there are any electrical issues, or you can benefit from a new/upgraded panel, contact Current Electric to examine your service panel upgrade needs. A technician will look at your system. Based on the best advice, you can decide on the right panel for your home, which can be a lifestyle upgrade or be a boost to its value.