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Get A Home Safety Inspection From Our Milwaukee Electrician!


A home safety inspection from our Milwaukee electrician can save you from plenty of danger. The essential basics of home safety come down to many things, but at the heart of many potential dangers to your home, is your electrical system. A faulty electrical system can cause fire and electrocution hazards that could cause extensive damage to your house, and to put it bluntly, possible death to any member of your family who may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We strongly advise you to keep up with the maintenance of your home’s electrical system with regular whole-home safety inspections.

Current Electric has a Milwaukee electrician ready to inspect every area of your home so your family can live in your home safe and comfortable. Our Milwaukee electrician will check a wide range of electrical systems including wiring, fuse boxes, outlets, and more. We’ll even consult with you on the overall status of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as your whole house surge protection. Above all else, we just want to be safe, and we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

How Can Our Milwaukee Electrician Make Your Home Safe?

One home safety inspection from Current Electric can keep your home from going up in flames or, most importantly, making sure you are not harmed. Here’s how a safety inspection from our Milwaukee electrician can help you:

  1. Electric Maintenance: Our home safety inspection will see our Milwaukee electrician maintaining critical components of your electrical system, such as the electric meter, the wiring system, the fuse box, GFCI outlets, and all wall switches, so they are free from defects.
  2. Avoid Safety Hazards: Dodge any potentially harmful electrical issues that could hurt the structure of your home, your bank account, and in the worst cases, members of your family. Our Milwaukee electrician will do whatever it takes to keep your family from any electrical danger.
  3. Improved Mood: Our home safety inspection will modernize your home to be capable of supporting any convenient, electrical appliance with a high demand for power, such as HD flat-screen TVs, HD speakers, or any advanced kitchen appliance.
  4. Electrical Standard Compliance: Our Milwaukee electrician can ensure your compliance with all the most up-to-date local electrical standards and codes in the city of Milwaukee.
  5. Better Peace of Mind: Safeguarding your family’s health and safety to give everyone a feeling of peace of mind and comfort in living in a home that’s free from any electrical dangers.

Contact Current Electric to receive a home safety inspection from a Milwaukee electrician and you’ll receive these amazing safety benefits!