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Why Should You Replace Knob And Tube Wiring In Milwaukee?


You may have knob and tube wiring in Milwaukee, but did you know that it’s actually illegal in United States counties due to its poor safety features? If want your home to remain safe and within the law, then please replace the knob and wiring before it’s too late! Many older homes dating back to the 1800s were equipped with this wiring mainly because there was simply no other alternative. The main problem is that this type of wiring is easily corrodible, leaving your home more susceptible to residential fires and electric shocks.

Current Electric offers quick replacement on knob and tube wiring in Milwaukee that won’t leave your safety at risk. Our team of electricians just how much damage knob and tube wiring can do and without any help, it may lead to disastrous, sometimes fatal, consequences. We can install your home and replace it with the latest and greatest wiring so you can use all of your appliances safely.

Knob And Tube Wiring In Milwaukee: Why Replace?

There are several benefits to replacing your old knob and tube wiring in Milwaukee. Here’s how getting rid of that old, dangerous wiring in your home can benefit you

  • A Safer Home: This is the most important benefit of them all. Knob and tube wiring isn’t just jeopardizing the quality of electricity in your home. It places the lives of you and your family at risk due to the elevated risk of house fires. At Current Electric, we can replace knob and tube wiring with durable, more efficient wiring to give ensure improved safety in your home.
  • No Short-Circuiting: Knob and tube wiring can easily become overwhelmed by the intense electrical demands of your home’s appliances and raise your chances of experiencing short-circuiting, meaning you won’t be able to enjoy your appliances to their fullest potential. Replacement, however, will ensure you’ll get more electricity for a longer period of time.
  • Reduced Repair Costs: When you have knob and tube wiring, you’ll probably spend more calling up repair services to get to maintain it. But you shouldn’t have to spend all that money and time just trying to ensure working electricity in your home. When you replace it, you’ll notice a considerable decrease in the amount of money you spend on repairs.
  • Modern, High-Quality Wiring: Stop living in the 1800s and get with the times thanks to our knob and tube wiring replacement. Electrical wiring today is the best it’s ever been and you certainly don’t want to miss out, especially when your safety is on the line!

Contact Current Electric today to replace your knob and tube wiring in Milwaukee. It can save your home and the lives of you and your family!