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How Can Lighting Design In Milwaukee Improve Your Home’s Value?


Looking to upgrade your home?

One of the absolute best ways to add value and make your home more beautiful than ever before is to invest in a lighting design consultation. Having an expert inspect your current lighting set-up and suggest aesthetic, convenient, and modern installations could be the step you need to take your home to the next level. New lighting fixtures don’t just brighten your rooms – lighting design in Milwaukee is a smart resale strategy and a savvy homeowner investment.

When you need lighting fixtures serviced, call Current Electric, the Milwaukee professionals. We’ve been illuminating and energizing this area for over 34 years, and our reputation speaks for itself. All of our work is priced upfront, which means the exact amount you receive in your estimate will always be the number on your bottom line – guaranteed. Interested in lighting design? Call Current Electric for a consultation today!

5 Reasons To Invest In Lighting Design

Of all the smart investments you could make this year, why should lighting design upgrades be your choice? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Better Appearance – Unlike other furniture arrangements, lighting design upgrades improve the appearance of the surrounding areas in addition to the fixtures in question. Modern lighting can transform the apparent size, shape, and tone of any room with the flick of a switch!
  • A Safer Home – Several advancements have been made in the safety of home electrical systems in the past 10 years. As early as the 1970s, homes were being built with mercury switches, now considered a toxic health risk. The standards for wire insulation and mechanism materials are now far higher. If you haven’t had the lighting of your home inspected in the past 10 years, this is the year to call.
  • Lower Electricity Bills – Current lighting fixtures are streamlined so as to use as little energy while producing as much light as possible. Modernizing your home’s lighting could make a serious difference in your energy bills!
  • Insurance Coverage – Every year, the government makes new additions to the national code for electrical safety. Not every home upgrades at the same time. As a result, many insurance companies are able to deny coverage on the grounds that the home does not meet safety codes, even if the codes were recently instated.
  • Resale Value – New homes are worth more than old homes…but old homes with new amenities are the most desirable commodities on the market.

Call Current Electric for a consultation, and find out what you stand to gain from lighting design upgrades today!