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Solar Roof Mounts in Milwaukee

Let Current Electric Build Your Rooftop Solar System

At Current Electric, we offer options for your solar roof mount, but it all starts with your home. Whether you have a sloped roof or a flat roof, we can design a system that maximizes your return on investment and reduces your carbon footprint.

With our shade analysis and design process, we will be able to create a system that works for you. Solar panels can help reduce your power bill or eliminate it completely.

Tell us about your needs during an initial assessment – call us at (262) 214-5598 to schedule yours today!

Choose Your Panels

Our team likes to make sure your production needs match your aesthetic needs. We can equip your roof with both black on silver and black on black panels, considering your design needs as well as the amount of energy each panel produces. We will add the perfect amount of the most visually pleasing panels and make sure everything fits comfortably on your roof.

When we install your panels, we will use the right mounting system and make sure our installation lives up to the exact manufacturer specifications. We take great care of your roof and use special flashing at all roof contact points. We will never puncture your roof to enable electrical connections, therefore removing the possibility of rainwater going into your attic and home.

Our mounting techniques will be rated for your exact system, and we guarantee our workmanship for 5 years.

The Top Solar Installer in Wisconsin

Some companies sell you a solar system and leave you on the hook for installation. Not Current Electric As an electrical company, we not only sell you your new solar system, but we also install your system, which means our estimate will you a realistic idea of what your solar system will cost.

Our roof mounting experience is just part of the reason Solar Power World magazine named us the Top Solar Installer in Wisconsin. We never hire subcontractors for our installations, and our Superhero electricians take care of your all installation needs, including electrical connections, sub-panels, and transfer switches.

Protect Your Investment with Current Electric

Our services don’t stop once your system is installed. The function of your system is very important to us, so we teach you how to monitor your energy levels using an app for your inverter of choice. At Current Electric, we take it one step further, as well, because we offer you a Wiser System by SquareD. The SquareD system helps you track power usage throughout your home by monitoring the breakers in your electrical panel. If you’re using too much energy, you will be able to find out where the problem is coming from. Maybe your fridge is getting old, maybe you left a light on while you were on vacation, or maybe it’s time for a new hot water heater. Whatever it is, your Wiser System by SquareD will help you!

If you’re worried about critters having a snack or making a nest out of your wiring, we can install a squirrel guard to keep pesky small animals out of your solar system. A squirrel guard wraps the space between your panel and roof with wire guarding, which stops squirrels, birds, and other critters from eating and destroying your wires.

We are also proud to offer an SSP (solar service plan) that includes a yearly inspection of all of your wires and panels, a report showing your current production rate, and a yearly solar system cleaning and system audit. For a low monthly fee, you can protect your investment for years to come.

Learn more about what Current Electric can do for you – call us at (262) 214-5598 or contact us online today.

Our Reviews
  • Professional, friendly, kind, honest, and trustworthy

    I was so pleased, grateful, and blessed by the service I received today by Jim again.

    - Kathy W.
  • Current Electric are definitely at the top of our list!

    We contacted Current Electric as we were looking to get some light fixtures and bathroom fans installed in spring, but when our breaker kept tripping after we DIY-ed the replacement of outlets this winter, we had to call for professional help!

    - dB P.
  • Have used it twice and the service is impeccable!

    The team is there to answer safety questions to help leading up to the electrician's visit and helpful providing options, impact, and result so I can make the decision that is best.

    - Kaitlin T.