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Ground Mount Solar Systems in Milwaukee, WI

Take Advantage of Your Yard Space with Current Electric

If you want to install solar power but do not want panels on your roof, Current Electric can help you take advantage of your yard space with a ground mount solar system. Keeping your solar panels closer to the ground also lets you clean off your panels during the winter months so you can maximize your capabilities even in heavy Wisconsin winters. With our design and shade analysis, we can create a system that can cover your unique needs. Whether you want to cover 100% of your electricity production with solar panels or reduce your power bill with partial coverage, your solution starts with an initial assessment with our team.

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Panels and Mounting Systems

We offer both black on silver and black on black solar panels. This allows us to not only take care of your production needs but also your aesthetic needs. Each panel is rated by the amount of energy it produces, and our design team will take that information into account when creating your system. Rest assured, we will fit the number of panels you need into the ground space you provide – without creating an eyesore.

Our experienced ground mount technicians will also help you find the right mounting system for your needs and install it to exact manufacturer specifications. We utilize a diggers hotline to verify there are no obstructions before placing your ground mount solar system in the location you envision.

Additionally, we install and dig all pilings to both state and jurisdictional depth requirements and surround them with the necessary concrete mixture. Everything we do adheres to your local electrical code, including the trenching and depth of your electrical system. Finally, we place the installation grid directly on approved posts with exact measurements, making sure your posts are the right size to fit your panels.

We guarantee all this work for workmanship for 5 years after installing the system. That’s the Current Electric promise.

Why Choose Us?

Current Electric is an electrical company, so we not only sell your solar system, but we also install it. Our experience has given us the honor of being named as the top solar installer in Wisconsin by Solar Power World magazine. We do not subcontract, and our Superhero electricians take care of all electrical connections – including adding sub-panels and transferring switches – whatever it takes to complete your installation.

Wiser System by SquareD

Once your system is installed, we make sure you know how much energy production you are receiving throughout your home. We will train you on an app that allows you to look up your production online based on the inverter you choose, and we take it a step further by offering Wiser System by SquareD. This system will track usage throughout your home by monitoring the breakers in your electrical panel. You will be able to see if your fridge is starting to need more power to run, whether you left a light on while you were out of town, and if your hot water heater or furnace is running more than usual.


An Investment That Lasts

We also offer an SSP (Solar Service Plan) that provides a yearly inspection of all of your wires and panels, a report showing your current production rate from your panels, yearly cleaning of your system, and a system audit.

For a low monthly fee, you can protect your investment for years to come.

First, however, you have to get started.

Call us at (262) 214-5598 or contact us online to start illuminating your dreams today.

Our Reviews
  • Professional, friendly, kind, honest, and trustworthy

    I was so pleased, grateful, and blessed by the service I received today by Jim again.

    - Kathy W.
  • Current Electric are definitely at the top of our list!

    We contacted Current Electric as we were looking to get some light fixtures and bathroom fans installed in spring, but when our breaker kept tripping after we DIY-ed the replacement of outlets this winter, we had to call for professional help!

    - dB P.
  • Have used it twice and the service is impeccable!

    The team is there to answer safety questions to help leading up to the electrician's visit and helpful providing options, impact, and result so I can make the decision that is best.

    - Kaitlin T.