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Who's in your PBOD

Who’s in your PBOD?

A PBOD is a Personal Board of Directors. It’s a collection of business leaders who voluntarily work together outside a typical BoD legal structure to support and advise the leadership of another company. In this case, we’re referring to Current Electric’s PBOD.

Over the years, Tyler Wadsworth of, Brian Beltz of, Daniel Good of, and Kelly Ault of Moving the Needle Consulting, have been invaluable resources for Chuck Smith and the Current Electric (CE) leadership team. Last week, they visited the CE HQ in Wauwatosa, WI. 

After riding along with service technicians, meeting with department leaders, and digging into company financials and processes, the PBOD provided Chuck with a plan to improve operations, training, and leadership. Thank you so much to Brian, Tyler, Dan, and Kelly for volunteering their time and sharing their insights!

If you are in the trades and would like to learn more about taking your company to the next level, check out the Nexstar Network. This network provides training, processes, and coaching, and introduces you to tools like creating your own PBOD.

(photos from a trip to visit the home of the Milwaukee Brewers, American Family Field)