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4 Ways Interior Lighting Can Transform Your Space

Two electricians installing new lighting in a residential home.

In the remodeling and decorating phases, we often look past the basics such as lighting, doors, and windows, and stick to things like deciding on paint colors, our new couch, and an aesthetically pleasing coffee table. While these are all core elements to making our space look exactly the way we want, lighting is very important as it can instantly change the mood of a room.

If you’re considering a makeover for your home, ask yourself if some indoor lighting upgrades will do the trick before you start throwing money out the window. A few lighting fixture upgrades can completely transform each room in your house and they might even be the answer you’ve been looking for to brighten up your space.

Keep reading to find out how upgrading your home’s lighting can improve everything about your house!

Create an Aesthetically Pleasing Space

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and start comparing what your house looks like to the design trends you see in pictures on social media? You might even think to yourself that your home is nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as what you see in these images and that you would need a complete makeover to create that type of space. Think again!

Lighting can go a long way in terms of what it can add to your space. The simple switch of a lighting fixture or two can instantly brighten up your home, such as adding a new floor lamp to a room that might have some outdated furniture. With a brighter room, everyone will compliment you on how great the lighting is and won’t even notice if your couch and accent chairs are a bit older.

Establish Spatial Divides

If you live in a house with an open floor plan, you may have times where you’ve found it difficult to create a separation between each room, specifically between the kitchen and living room. It can be challenging while you’re cooking dinner and you don’t feel like you have your own kitchen space while some family members might be watching TV in the living room.

Lighting fixtures can solve this issue. A simple upgrade to pendant lighting will create an illusion that your kitchen is separate from your living room, especially if the pendant lights are placed above your kitchen table or even your kitchen island! A ceiling fan with lights in your living room can also create a divide of the rooms as it will be the focal point of your living room.

Upgrade Your Home’s Technology

Your bluetooth speakers and smart TV don’t have to be where your home’s technology ends. At Current Electric, we offer smart or wifi-controlled lighting installation, meaning you can control the lighting from a remote or through your mobile device. You can say goodbye to getting up and walking over to your lights every time you want to turn them on and off!

Add a Pop of Color

If the color scheme in your home consists mainly of neutrals and you want to add a pop of color, consider a colorful table lamp before buying an expensive accent chair. If bright colors aren’t for you, fixtures with a metallic or copper finish can warm up the room while still giving it a modern feel. Adding a pop of color doesn’t always have to be something dramatic, like painting an accent wall. New lighting is an effortless and chic way to add some personality to the room without going too crazy with colors.

Milwaukee Indoor Lighting Services

Let us help light up your life (and house!) with our professional lighting installation services. At Current Electric, we are proud to be your partner in all things lighting, offering solutions that will not only modernize your home but also boost your energy efficiency. Call us today at (262) 214-5598 to discuss your new lighting project with us!